Aircraft Management

This means:

  • Responsibility
  • Cost efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Total transparency
  • Reliability
  • Professional handling
  • No compromise
    on safety

Common Sky


Aircraft Management

You own a business jet and use it only occasionally?
You want to purchase an aircraft and wonder how this investment will pay off?
Common Sky offers you the chance to optimally operate your aircraft, to integrate it in our professional aircraft operation and to reduce costs substantially through:

24h duty time of our operations department
  • Complete planning of your flights and coordination with all necessary parties.
  • Organisation of all required landing and overflight permits, fuelling, customs- and border control clearance at destination airports.
  • Additional services like hotel booking or onward transportation by taxi or limousine.
Pilots and crews
  • We provide you with qualified, experienced pilots of choice.
  • We provide operationally experienced and charming stewardesses.
  • We arrange all necessary courses and check flights for the crews.
Maintenance and strategic planning
  • We monitor, schedule and plan all routine maintenance work.
  • We organise unscheduled maintenance.
  • We ensure an impeccable interior and care for the exterior paint.
  • We provide all other technical services around your aircraft.
Cost control and administration
  • We take responsibility for the marketing and carry out executive charter flights in your favour, if the aircraft is placed under our AOC.
  • We create costs-/benefit analyses for your aircraft and provide recommendations how to increase efficiency.
  • We draw on request a year plan and budget costs.
  • We guarantee full transparency on all costs.
  • We provide a separate bank account for your aircraft where you can monitor incoming and outgoing payments.
Purchase consultancy
  • We provide individual consultancy, if you want to buy or sell an aircraft.
  • We analyse the aircraft market based on your travel needs and advise you in the selection of your aircraft.
  • We develop alternatives in regards to your actual or planned aircraft.
Insurance and fuel
  • We realise savings for insurance through a fleet contract.
  • We realise savings in fuel costs through combined purchase volumes of kerosine.

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