Flight services are not enough. The Common Sky allround service:

• limo service,
• hotel bookings,
• restaurant bookings,
• event tickets.
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Executive Charter

Executive Charter

Common Sky provides exclusive travel and comfort in top maintained latest generation aircraft. Our crews are educated to the highest standards and are looking forward to serve you. We operate the aircraft for you and you have the time to focus on your business and to be successful.

We are your professional partner, discreet, honest and customer oriented.
Our executive charter programme enables you to reach any destination from any place. And this, when you want. Punctual. Safe. Reliable. You arrive relaxed and in good shape. We operate our aircraft from our bases in Vienna, Kiev and Moscow and are active world wide.

We orient ourselves towards your travel needs and wishes and offer the flexibility a manager and individual is looking for to be successful.
Absolute confidentiality, focus on your safety and security and total reliability are not only self-evident, they represent our top priority.

Total mobility and flexibility paired with utmost comfort

Of course we do have a flight plan – your personal one!

You just need to tell us your travel wishes and the intended flight times. This suffices to perfectly plan and manage your personal flight trip. It is our goal to bring you safely, on-time and comfortably to your destination.

Benefit from our year long experience and background with flights all over the world. Of course we also take care of organising additional services around your flight.

Our Flight Operations Centre is on duty for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Please contact us for any inquiry, either by phone or mail. We will provide you with an attractive offer within a business day.


Easy and fast booking

Reservations with Common Sky can be done easily and quickly by phone, fax and email or via the booking form on our home page. As soon as you have contacted us, we will come back with a formal, transparent and personal offer at a fixed price, which includes all cost components of your trip.

During the operation of your trip you can rely on our professional staff that guarantees a personal, individual service and complete customer care, from receipt of your order until you leave the aircraft at the point of destination. Even when your booking is on shortest notice we will manage to bring you fast to the desired destination.

Please note that travelling by executive charter as a group of people, is very cost efficient and in many cases comparable to standard business class fares on scheduled services of commercial airlines.

If you need for your onward journey a cab or a limousine service, we will be happy to organise this for you. The same applies if you need a hotel reservation, a restaurant booking or would like to get tickets for a theatre, opera, sport event or any other activity. Our personalized service will only end when you have reached your final destination.

Feel yourself home aboard

Whether you want to serve yourself from our well assorted bar on board, or have special wishes regarding menus, whether you like to have international newspapers or magazine, our service on board will provide anything our customers do require. Many of our aircraft are equipped with state of the art entertainment and telecommunications technology devices. Hence it remains entirely your personal choice, whether you would like to work on board, prepare a meeting or just relax. But one thing is clear: you enjoy real individuality and absolute privacy in an exclusive setting.

On request we do provide of course a charming flight attendant for your personal well being.

It’s all about flexibility

By choosing Common Sky’s executive charter services fix flight schedules are a thing of the past. Departure times entirely depend on your schedule and your needs, but may be rescheduled anytime on very short notice in case of last minute changes, for instance due to a prolonged meeting or other necessity.

Queuing at airport check-in counters and security checks simply do not exist, as executive flight charters are operated from own VIP terminals. This means a lot of time saving and efficiency to you. You just arrive a couple of minutes before your scheduled departure time at the terminal and proceed in minutes directly to your jet where the crew is waiting for you.

Your safety is our highest priority

At Common Sky the safety of our passengers are of absolute priority. The requirements on our crews and technical personnel are identical to those of large commercial airlines.

Benefits of Common Sky’s executive flight service:
  • Always available aircraft
  • Individual flight times
  • No delays, schedule changes or flight cancellations as with airlines
  • Aircraft according to your needs available even on very short notice
  • Easy change of departure times by the passenger
  • No transfer times and no waiting times
  • Departure/Arrival of the aircraft even from small regional airports in your neighbourhood
  • Undisturbed working during the flight
  • Exclusive seating and travel comfort
  • On-board service & menus and drinks according to your wishes
  • Organisation of additional services like taxi, limousine service, hotels, restaurants, tickets for events and alike.

P: +43-1-706 15 70 - 12
F: +43-1-706 15 70 - 20
E: sales@commonsky.eu



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